forgot password was created from an idea to let family and friends know what I wanted for my birthday. "How could I let them know what I really wanted as a gift for such a special occasion and for holidays as well?" It would be great to walk into a mall and register a personal wish list in your favorite stores, but this would require a large amount of time and effort. If you could utilize a universal "personal gift registry", via the internet, someone could save time and energy and have fun at the same time! 

We as a company decided to create a "FREE" service for a "personal gift registry" with a twist!! We offer an exciting shopping experience as you browse through our "Virtual Mall". We want everyone to utilize our user friendly website to register a "wish list". The ultimate result would be to receive gifts that you actually like!!

A wants to remove the guess work out of gift giving with the innovative idea of a "FREE personal gift registry!" combined with the ability to shop many different retailers, all from a single site. ENJOY!!


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